Blockchain Architecture

We will help you to move your company's business to the blockchain. We help to select the meaningful use cases, assess the feasibility of your team's ideas and select the best technology to implement them.

Token Economy Design

Most tokens deployed today are flawed in design and destined to fail.

We help our customers to design meaningful, economically feasible token systems. Whether it’s utility tokens, tokenized assets or any other paradigm, we aim to find the best solution for the given use case.

Development (Plasma, NFTs, etc)

We can help to implement the foundation for your blockchain project. We can build a scalable, application-specific sidechain (Plasma) for you. We can design and implement smart contracts and fungible or non-fungible tokens. We can design systems that take your specific requirements into consideration: KYC and AML regulations, company rules, regional laws can be considered.



Andras Kristof


Andras is an entrepreneur and investor living in Singapore. He built the technology behind, Singapore's largest exit so far. He founded Tembusu Systems. He has been involved in blockchain development since 2013.

Dave Appleton


Dave Appleton has a career in technology startups spanning nearly four decades before Dave becoming involved in blockchain in 2014 as VP of Engineering at Tembusu Systems. Dave is currently the lead blockchain research engineer at HelloGold, bringing gold savings to emerging economies as a hedge against currency volatility.

Lai Ying Tong

Developer, Researcher

Ying Tong is a Physics graduate from Yale-NUS College, Singapore. She enjoys mathematics and coding, and hopes to apply her technical skills for meaningful social causes. She also holds a researcher position at the Ethereum Foundation.

Zhen Yu

Zhen is a researcher with an academic focus in cryptography and blockchain technology. He serves as a technical advisor to multiple blockchain projects, has built full-stack Ethereum dapps and has spoken at various blockchain events across the world. He is currently working on research projects that include interoperability across chains, trustless identity based encryption and different forms of credibility exchange. He also owns too many crypto kitties.

Benjamin Ong

Blockchain Enthusiast with a mind towards demystifying blockchain technology one block at a time. Building practical applications and business cases around the technology.

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