Idea Validation


We help our clients to move their business to the blockchain. We help finding the best technology, assess the feasibility of their ideas and help design their systems and smart contracts.

Token Mechanism Design

Most tokens deployed today are flawed in design and unnecessary.

We help our customers to design meaningful, economically feasible token systems. Whether it’s utility tokens, tokenized assets or any other paradigm, we aim to find the best solution for the given use case.

Economic Models


Our fields of research are token economic models and fund raising accountability and transparency.

We are researching and creating innovative token mechanisms that are practical, economically feasible and adhere to regulations.


We believe that decentralized fundraising projects are often not utilizing the maximum possible level of transparency and accountability. We want to fix this. We want to make these projects are as transparent and as accountable as it is possible with the underlying blockchain technology. We are working on reference implementations to encourage the community to utilize best practices. All results and code is and will be open sourced.



Andras Kristof

Andras is an entrepreneur and investor living in Singapore. He built the technology behind, Singapore's largest exit so far. He founded Tembusu Systems. He has been involved in blockchain development since 2013.

Dave Appleton

Dave Appleton has a career in technology startups spanning nearly four decades before Dave becoming involved in blockchain in 2014 as VP of Engineering at Tembusu Systems. Dave is currently the lead blockchain research engineer at HelloGold, bringing gold savings to emerging economies as a hedge against currency volatility.

Virgil Griffith

Research Scientist at the Ethereum Foundation. The NYT called him the Internet Man Of Mystery.

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