Protect your funds!

NeverSlash protects validator nodes from being slashed. NeverSlash encodes the slashing conditions of Casper FFG into a Raspberry Pi. Instead of manually checking whether their vote violates the slashing conditions, validators can rely on NeverSlash to prevent them from casting that vote at all.

How it Works

The slashing conditions of Casper FFG ( are programmed into the NeverSlash Raspberry Pi. Before the validator signs a vote, NeverSlash checks the vote against the validator's voting history. If the vote violates a slashing condition, NeverSlash does not allow the validator to sign it. In this way, the staking node never signs off on votes that will cause it to get slashed.

Casper FFG

Ethereum is moving to Proof of Stake consensus, where staked validators vote on the finality of the chain. To ensure consistency, the Casper FFG ( protocol lays out two slashing conditions for validators:

  • A validator must not publish two distinct votes for the same target height.
  • A validator must not vote within the span of its other votes.